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[News] Dragons Call - Should Gay Be Banned in Game? Debate in DC
Posted on 15.Jul.2010
By Dragons Call

Let me type Gay in game or I will put down a lawsuit and sue Gothix, a Dragon's Call player, was absolutely pissed off by [GH] Haze, a player volunteer, due to the action of muting him in game. Furthermore, Gothix thinks Haze has a strong discrimination for the whole gay community. Gothix is very sensitive about this kind of problem in game. He decided to give the whole GH(Game Helper, player volunteers) team and Dragon's Call an official warning after he found out that he could not even type the word "Gay" in the world chat (The word "Gay" is in the in-game filter). He stated that even Blizzard had received a Gay Rights Warning in order to tell Dragon's Call official this was a serious problem. Also he reminded everyone that the Gay Pride Week 2010 was coming soon.

Quote from Gothix's Thread -


I was in world chat. Regularly talking. I figured out that 'Gay' was banned.
I was instantly like, what the f**king hell.
I was wondering anyways, why Gay is banned. It's gay pride week. I shouldn't get muted for saying it.
I currently am getting in contact with a lawyer about this anyways. So look forward to be hearing about this again.

Anyways; I got banned for 30 mins.
Dealt with it.
Then I found a link to another site about how blizzard got a warning about discrimination towards LGBT people. (Aka, getting banned for using the term Gay in a sexual orientation way.)

Now; I posted that link trying to show Haze and everyone what could happen if you keep banning the word gay. I told them I was going to contact the people that contacted Blizzard. And I did.

But on the other hand, in [GH] Haze's defense, he said, Gothix had been muted because of he kept breaking rules, not because he is a gay. And the word "Gay" is filtered to prevent its offensive usage.

This topic suddenly became another hottest thread in the Dragon's Call official forum. The fire even burned to another outer game forum on Kongragate. A player named "Mikkael" mass spammed on the Kongregate's Dragon's Call forum, supporting Gothix's opinions. Some GH(Game Helper, player volunteers) said this guy was Gothix's partner, but there's no obvious evidence yet.

It seems that the fever of Gay Pride Week 2010 celebration is hitting Dragon's Call, even though it's nearly finished. (New York City will celebrate Gay Pride Week from June 19-27, 2010).

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