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[News] Business Tycoon Online - Introduces Putting Challenge System
Posted on 30.Jul.2010
By Business Tycoon Online

Grab your putter and head to the green; DOVOGAME has just announced a new putting challenge to be introduced to Business Tycoon Online. The activity has been organized by the Liberty City Mayor, Mayor Andrew, in celebration of the brand new golf course that has been constructed.

The mini-game allows players to putt golf balls into any of the 6 different holes. Each hole gives a different score to players. Players are given an unlimited amount of golf balls, but will be limited to 60 seconds for each game. Players are then ranked based on their total scores. Each day, the top 10 players on each server can receive rewards.

Prizes are available every day, and players can play as much as they like. With such rewarding prizes available and a fun mini-game, go check it out now, in the BTO Funfair section!

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