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[News] Business Tycoon Online - Unveils New Logo
Posted on 05.Aug.2010
By Business Tycoon Online

Over the past few months, we've seen plenty of activity on Business Tycoon Online, it seems the whole game is entering a new era, and that DOVOGAME are content on improving the game in any way they can.

Quite fittingly, it seemed almost inevitable that a new logo would be released. Whereas the old logo seemed almost out of place and as some might say, old-fashioned, the new logo certainly improves on these aspects. DOVOGAME has released an announcement about the logo, and the inspiration for their design:

The new logo is designed in a simple but delicate way. Comprised of three golden characters "BTO" and its current slogan, the logo reflects a complete atmosphere of business, which is inspired by the image of Hades (the Greek God of Wealth) and his two-pronged fork. Its abstract artistic quality and the extraordinary surrounding frame make the viewers feel that there is a keen business spirit and great charm in the game. Additionally the golden color of the logo is a symbol of wealth and honor, giving hope to all players and showing them the same goal that the world is after.

In celebration of this, DOVOGAME has announced the arrival of the BTO Carnival. The Carnival comes with plenty of brand new activities and events, with some of the most rewarding prizes ever offered on BTO. Every player on the game will also be given free gifts. During the Carnival, every player that logs on will have their Warehouse stocked to capacity with Raw Materials, as well as Store Upgrade Points boosted to maximum capacity! This gift is genuinely priceless, and it's certainly generous on behalf of DOVOGAME.

News and Articles on RPG.SG are written by game owners and posted on the website. For this reason we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of any information contained within this article.

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