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[News] City of Steam - Sneak Peek Keys Snatched Up
Posted on 23.Feb.2012
By City of Steam

Since the announcement of the sneak peek for City of Steam, keys have been snatched up much faster than we could have ever hoped. This leads us to regrettably (and happily) announce that we will no longer be giving out any additional keys through subscribing to our newsletter for this sneak peek. (but hey! please still subscribe, it will be the best way to find about other news!) As of today, Feb. 22, but not to worry, those who have already signed up but haven't received the keys, should receive them shortly. This is our way of thanking all of you who have come to check out our game and have supported us thus far. We'd like to remind everyone that this is an early test and we look forward to further participation in the future for the alpha test.

The upcoming Sneak Peek is a pre-alpha load test for the servers. Given that this is the first time we have ever set a server up in the US, we're trying to figure out how many players it can handle. The other major focus will be on the combat system. Although, this is an early version and we still have a lot to do, we still think this sneak peek will show off the potential of City of Steam.

We do appreciate your interest in the game at such an early stage and we look forward to getting more people in to try it out when more features have been added!

Thanks for your support,

City of Steam Development Team

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