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[News] Einherjar - Thanksgiving Every Day
Posted on 31.Oct.2012
By Einherjar - The Viking's Blood

Tokyo, Japan - 31 October 2012 - A 1-month gifting event has just been announced in the browser-based game Einherjar - The Viking's Blood by Appirits in order to send thanks and gifts to their players for the upcoming Thanksgiving season.
From 31 October to 28 November 2012 (SGT or GMT+8), players will get 1 special gift when first logging in Einherjar every day. Those gifts will be chosen randomly by the game's system, so it is mere luck for getting valuable items.
Moreover, if players log in for 5 consecutive days, they can even get better gifts on the 5th day. And that will be also chosen randomly.

After logging in, players need to refresh their browser then check their in-game message box to see what their luck can bring.

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