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[News] Einherjar - New Trials Released
Posted on 01.Nov.2012
By Einherjar - The Viking's Blood

Developer of Einherjar - The Viking's Blood, the game has been continuously bringing players a quite number of challenges during their adventure. And in order to give more rewards for players' constant efforts, Appirits has recently announced a new forum event which may help players obtain many valuable items through several Einherjar trials for the whole November.

From 31 October to 28 November 2012 (SGT or GMT+8), there will be 4 types of trials created for players to overcome as follows: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum with respective difficulties. Each medal will give a certain reward and can be also used to exchange with each other, i.e. 4 Bronze = 1 Silver, 4 Silver = 1 Gold, 4 Gold = 1 Platinum.
To join the event, players need to take screenshots as required then post them at the predetermined forum topic.

*Obtaining a Platinum medal for World Map, Territory and Inventory types will be considered as obtaining all Bronze, Silver and Gold medals of the same trial.
*For Character type, only one unit can be qualified for each medal, i.e. a unit meeting Platinum requirement will get a Platinum only and cannot have other medals of the same trial.
*All screenshots must show full required information.
*A player is allowed to apply for each trial only once.

Details of the rewards are as below.
1 Bronze = 1 Runic Proof
3 Bronze = 1 weapon/armor of Damascus set (Player's choice)
5 Bronze = 1 weapon/armor of Dark set (Player's choice)
2 Silver = 1 Valhalla God Proof
4 Silver = 1 weapon/armor of Orichal set (Player's choice)
5 Silver 3 Bronze 1 Gold = 1 R.Liath Fail
2 Gold = 1 Valkyrie or God Blood (Player's choice)
2 Gold = 1 Valkyrie or God Massive (Player's choice)
3 Gold = 1 Valkyrie or God Crystal
5 Gold = 1 Shield Crystal
5 Gold = 1 Elite Crystal
7 Gold = 1 Double Attack Crystal
7 Gold = 1 Double Magic Crystal
7 Gold = 1 Critical Crystal
1 Platinum = 1 Elf Jadeite
3 Platinum = 1 Hel Stone
3 Platinum = 1 Demihuman Skin
3 Platinum = 1 Destroy
3 Platinum = 1 Fragment of Runic
4 Platinum = 1 Spirit Stone
4 Platinum = 1 Yellow Imp Skin
4 Platinum = 1 Holy Light
5 Platinum = 1 Amenowakahiko bow
5 Platinum 2 Gold = 1 Stats Blood (Player's choice)
5 Platinum 2 Gold = 1 Speed Up Crystal
5 Platinum 2 Gold = 1 Lightning Speed Crystal
5 Platinum 2 Gold = 1 Valkyrie Protection Crystal
Please note that the game forum's admin will check and give rewards during the weekly maintenance time (Wednesday) in November.

News and Articles on RPG.SG are written by game owners and posted on the website. For this reason we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of any information contained within this article.

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