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[News] Einherjar - Christmas Is Coming
Posted on 19.Dec.2012
By Einherjar - The Viking's Blood

Christmas is coming very soon with Christmas trees and decorations around the town and Christmas songs in the air. And to celebrate this biggest time of the year, Appirits has released several favours presented to all of their players for warmly and heartily supporting the game for the whole year. The event will run from 19 to 26 December 2012 (SGT or GMT+8).

During the aforementioned period, players will enjoy the following in-game benefits:
- Power cost for using Summon and Reincarnation features decreased by 50%
- Inheritance rate of elite jobs and bloods raised significantly
- New Xmas theme for Einherjar's territory screen

In addition, they will hold a forum event to give Christmas gifts for heroes in Einherjar. All players need to do is to post screenshots of their heroes and get free gifts during the week. The list is as below.

- Caterina: Hel Stone x3
- Miriel: Spirit Stone x3
- Asteria: R.Brisingamen
- Vali: Crimson Cherry Bow
- Sigmund: R. Hrotti
- Britania: R. Arianhord
- Volsung: R. Gae Dearg
- Leia: R. Aegis
- Elmyr: R.Mistilltein
- Veronica: R.Claiohm Solais

Players can post their screenshots at the following link: http://www.ein-herjar.com/website/newsdetail.php?nid=256

- Heroes must be at level 10 or below.
- Multiple same heroes will be counted as one.

News and Articles on RPG.SG are written by game owners and posted on the website. For this reason we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of any information contained within this article.

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