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Football Glory

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Genre: Sports Games
Interface: Browser
Graphics: Text
Plugin: None
In Beta: No
Cost: Free
This Week Rank: 508
This Week Votes: 24
Last Week Rank: 47
Last Week Votes: 113

FG (Football Glory) is a fantasy football manager online game.

You become manager of a football team, and you seek to win as many matches, competitions and trophies as you possibly can. In doing this, you will need to administer your players, buy and sell players and so forth.

In every league of the game there are 12 teams, all of them top teams from around Europe. This makes for 22 rounds each season, where all teams meet twice, both home and away, like in real life.

When a season ends, teams at the bottom of the division are relegated, and teams at the top of the division is either promoted and/or have won trophies.

FG have a Cup competition, friendly matches and a Charity match at the start of each season. With these matches and the basic league tournament, a season takes about 3 months to complete, making it about 4 seasons per year.

FG is totally free. It is however possible to sign up as paying manager and get extra features.

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