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Kinslayer MUD

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Genre: MUD Games
Interface: Telnet Client
Graphics: Text
Plugin: None
In Beta: No
Cost: Free
This Week Rank: 96
This Week Votes: 28
Last Week Rank: 261
Last Week Votes: 79

The forces of the Light and Shadow ravage each other's land as Tarmon Gaidon approaches ever so quickly. The might of the Shadow have broken through the once believed unconquerable walls of Fal Dara, forcing the human army of the Light to engage in a constant battle within their own city in order to eliminate the new threat.

Make a difference! Become a member of the Borderguards and hop into the middle of the battle that has reshaped the Borderlands, or a gruesome Trolloc, raiding the lands of the Light and its people in the name of the Dark One.

Kinslayer MUD is a free online Multi-user Dungeon, with clans, races, classes, a variety of quests and capture-able cities, with PvP rankings, role-play, and more!

Kinslayer MUD is a FREE Wheel of Time based online role-playing game, including unrestricted PvP/PK, clans, classes, races, and an all-original world to roam. Kinslayer offers a variety of quests and goals, including capture-able cities, PvP rankings, player-run clans, and live, interactive quests.

Become a vicious Trolloc or a human Borderguard as you roam throughout the world shaped by the hands of Lews Therin Kinslayer.

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