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[News] New 1000 AD - Strategy War Games that Sharpen the mind
Posted on 28.Jun.2013
By New 1000 AD

The new game New 1000 ad is a medieval war game that takes the gamer through the process of forming a civilization.
It starts by using basic tools for farming and hunting in the humble beginnings of a town. As the town grows, it engages in more mining and reading activities that contribute to a more stable settlement. Eventually, the town develops a town center, markets and buildings within the area. All these developments are managed by the gamer in a turn based strategy system. Each turn represents one month and is a milestone on how fast the town is growing. The genesis of the civilization is very important and that is why the gamer has to choose tools over weapons at the beginning.

The gamer is able to amass builders and army units for each town. When the town becomes big enough to conquer other lands, the war aspect of the browser game emerges. But preceding that is the period of empire building that expands mining,farming and hunting over mountains, plains and forests. The basic resources of food and wood are used to get iron and gold. All the resources are used up by the buildings, builders, toolmakers and the armies. The town begins to have a bustling population. The turn based strategy aims at constructing a fortified city with a great wall and towers. An army is then supplied with weapons and food rations.

The whole business of building the empire is concluded within 300 to 500 turns. Points and resources are gained by how efficiently the turn based strategy is used. At that point the city forms alliances with other cities, which means other gamers in the multiplayer strategy game. Those alliances warm up to a showdown of war with other alliances. They train their army units and refine their research on all aspects of living. The research is done in constructions known as mate towers. This element of research is consistent with warrior civilizations in history. It makes New 1000 ad a realistic historical war game. Some of the weapons are for Paladins, Vikings and Japanese swordsmen. There is a lot of exploration by horsemen who scale the mountains, forests and plains. The turn based strategy is seasonal with farming from April to November and hunting on the winter.

The gamer must manage all industrial and political aspects. He must make sure that people don't freeze during winter as well as choosing the right alliances. Once the army is trained and all resources are ready, conquering can begin.

The multiplayer strategy game is complete with swordsmen, Zulu warriors, giant barbarians and Kung Fu warriors. There is also a thief who scouts out, poisons water and other nefarious activities. New 1000ad is a free war game that lets the gamer choose weapons of war like swords, arrows, maces, pikes and catapults. It is a browser game that enables different players to interact as alliance members or as war enemies. The turn based online system displays a legend that shows recent wars of other alliances and helps in choosing the right alliance. New 1000ad is a text based game where the alliances can only be formed when the gamer is given a password to the alliance. This text based strategy war game is won if the number of attack points exceed the number of defense points.

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