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Castle Age

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Genre: Strategy Games
Interface: Browser
Graphics: 2D
Plugin: None
In Beta: No
Cost: Free
This Week Rank: 437
This Week Votes: 25
Last Week Rank: 230
Last Week Votes: 82

You start with a tiny kingdom, protected by a single keep. To become a prospering nation you will realize the necessity to build up a well balanced economy that consists of sawmills, quarries and mines. Like in reality the resources are not evenly distributed across your land. You will have to build your mines and farms strategically. A market place allows you to trade with other kingdoms to get the ressources you need.

You will soon need to build a forge to invent new military units. Upgrade your keep to a massive castle and train soldiers to defend your enemies or to attack your neighbours.

As the good leader that you are, you will give steady growth to your kingdom. New castles will provide the neccessary military presence to control a bigger land.

As your army grows and your units get better you will consider to capture other castles as well.

Notable Features

* A graphical map where you can see every single building.
* A graphical minimap with kingdom and empire mode and the option to zoom in and out.
* Customizable User-rights mangement for empires (clans/gilds).
* Forum integration of all players.
* Private empire forums.
* 4(5) unevenly distrubuted resources.
* 10 differend buildings
* 8 different units. Partially with special abilities.
* Highscores in five different categories.
* Helpful and friendly community!

Play Castle Age Multiplayer Strategy Game!

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