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Genre: Role-Playing Games
Interface: Browser
Graphics: Text
Plugin: None
In Beta: No
Cost: Free
This Week Rank: 236
This Week Votes: 43
Last Week Rank: 86
Last Week Votes: 100

MechZ is a free browser/text based MMORPG.

Will you be a Mech Commander or Dragon Master?.

Quantity or Quality, it's your choice!
Fight Dozens of mechs and Dragons with just two or three, or maybe overwhelm your opponent with a hundred Mechs and Dragons, massing them and decimating them.

Choose your alignment!
Sit on the throne of high evil, or strike it down for the holy light... .

Barter with other players in trades, or just simply TAKE their money by attacking their mechs and Dragons when they aren't looking.

Search for Treasure on PIRATE BOOTY ISLAND, seeking down every hole for the weapons and items they left behind so many years ago.

* Robopacks *
Purchase your robopack and gain access to more thigns and gain more currencys and energy than normal members!

* Skills *
Train in skills to be the best and get the best stuff. will you be the best in herbalism? mining? smithing? smelting? or mabbey all?!

Dragons and Mechs! Finaly you can choose between the Legendary Dragons or Mighty Mechs!

Mine minerals in your asteroid field mining facilities, and use the money to create an empire and support your clan, making you all the stronger.

Best of all, all this is FREE. Paying is only optional donations, and ROBOPACKS, giving you more items for donating.

So join the war of the armies. MechZ....

You should congratulate yourself!
You have now found the most unique, the most addictive, the most challenging of the free browser/text based MMORPG's around the globe!

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