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Battle for Domination

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Genre: Role-Playing Games
Interface: Browser
Graphics: Text
Plugin: None
In Beta: No
Cost: Free
This Week Rank: 231
This Week Votes: 74
Last Week Rank: 475
Last Week Votes: 50

Battle for Domination v2 is a turn based browser RPG. The Game is totally free.

A whole new journey is about to begin. The Year is 27006, and the Battle for Domination is still going strong. There is no longer a need for simple swords and arrows. Now you must create ships and buy planets to stay alive. Can you keep your world growing with steady research, strong government, and a mighty military? Or will you fall to the mighty hands of your foes. Battle for Domination V2 gives you many more options to destroy your enemy. Get Ready a whole new Battle is about to begin.

* Form Alliances
* Create Massive Armies
* Travel Across The Galaxy
* Win The Lottery
* Buy Planets to produce goods
* Create Custom Logos, And Upload Your Own Avatar
* Detailed Statistics on How your Economy Is Going
* Research 33 Upgrades To Make Yourself Even more Powerful
* Communication Center To Keep In Touch With Your Allies, or To Humiliate Your Enemys
* 3 Different Types of Battles, Each With There Own Benefits
* Plus A Lot More............

It is time to put on your armor, sharpen your weapons, and destroy the enemy. The ultimate goal is Domination. Welcome to Battle for Domination!!

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