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MediWar RPG
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The Players Arena

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Genre: Role-Playing Games
Interface: Browser
Graphics: 2D
Plugin: None
In Beta: No
Cost: Free
This Week Rank: 356
This Week Votes: 33
Last Week Rank: 2
Last Week Votes: 154

The Players Arena is a multiplayer graphical games, including various casino games. There is a range of cities and countries you can visit, each offering different goods and crimes.

- 3 Attack Systems
- 5 Ranking Systems
- Over 100 different Crimes to try
- Over 200 Missions
- Over 750 reward Merits to gain
- Public Forums with "Reply Notification"
- Full use of BB code when sending mail or posting in forums
- Private Instant Messenger Utility
- Newspaper, with various sections including Top Tips, Classified Ads, and Captain Flapper's column
- Multiple Gyms for stat-training
- Syndicate system for making gangs, including running multiple Organised Crimes
- Business section, which enables you to gain rewards by buying companies and completing missions to improve the profit
- Complete missions for the 'Shadow Syndicate' to earn rewards
- Stock and Commodity Markets for trading goods and making cash
- Point, Item, Diamond and Hidden Package markets for player-to-player sales, as well as an Auction House
- Wide range of choice when spending reward Merits, allowing you to develop your profile just the way you want it
- Full HOF, with listings for every competitive stat in the game

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