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Path to Pelantas

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Genre: Role-Playing Games
Interface: Browser
Graphics: Text
Plugin: None
In Beta: Yes
Cost: Free
This Week Rank: 158
This Week Votes: 80
Last Week Rank: 180
Last Week Votes: 88

"Path to Pelantas" is a unique addition to the world of online games. Combining elements from sports management and role playing games, this game is the only one of its kind. The setting is a medieval fantasy world, where you undertake the command of a homestead as an aspiring lord.

With the task as ruler of your homestead comes the responsibility of managing a party of heroes all willing to fight under your banner. You appoint these heroes for weekly arena battles against other lords and you send them into the wilderness to complete dangerous quests and fight vicious monsters.

The game is played using only the internet and a browser. The game is text-based and is played real time, meaning that most events take place on a regular weekly scheduled basis. Thus battles are always fought on Saturday and quests are always resolved on Mondays. There is a possibility for new events to happen any time though, so there are plenty of reasons to log in every day.

The game is not time consuming at all and this is why it is such a great alternative to other Massive Multi User Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG). Many gamers will find a few logins every week sufficient while others will probably log in several times a day.

Sign up today and tell your friends to do the same! On next Saturday you will be able to face them in a violent arena battle to settle who’s the boss...

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