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World of Mayhem

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Genre: Strategy Games
Interface: Browser
Graphics: Text
Plugin: None
In Beta: No
Cost: Free
This Week Rank: 281
This Week Votes: 66
Last Week Rank: 424
Last Week Votes: 60

World of Mayhem is an action packed adventure with a mixture of fun! You can do anything from fishing, fighting, working out your stats in the studio, to playing Russian Roulette!

In this game, there is so much to do and new ideas are always being added! The monsters are out of this world! You have so many items to chose from to equip and make your character more powerful!

When you first begin you want to check out the City Limits, this is where you can find almost everything! You can collect wood, stone and building certificates to build your own home where you can store items and money. You can also obtain many things by working one of many jobs available.

There are also Clans, you can join a clan and even create your own. You can invite other members to help you in your wars you create. You can also store extra items in your clan to help you and you members along on your adventures. Clans are a good thing to have or belong to, there is power in numbers!

There is just so much Mayhem around you it's hard to decide what to do next, but no matter what you chose you can bet it will be stimulating! So come Join Up and begin playing immediately!

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