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Genre: Role-Playing Games
Interface: Browser
Graphics: Text
Plugin: None
In Beta: No
Cost: Free
This Week Rank: 456
This Week Votes: 48
Last Week Rank: 247
Last Week Votes: 80

An Introduction to the World of Achron.

Welcome to a world whose destiny is entirely in your control. A world that was once filled with beauty, happiness, and prosperity, but is now torn by hatred and war. Where the only way to live, is to become the most powerful, the most feared, and the most successful territory in the land.
You have been given a kingdom, passed down to you through the bloodlines of your ancestors. Your walls are bare, your stockpiles are empty, save for the small amount of gold you've managed to gather, and you are nearly alone. The silence in your kingdom is almost unbareable but for the few sparce moments while your walls crack and crumble around you.

It is your duty as the Lord or Lady of this kingdom to build it into a symbol of power and prosperity. Should you fail, it will be the end of you, your kingdom, and your followers. Your objection is to conquer the world of Achron, to rise in power, and claim the prize and attention of the Emperor.

Go now at once, and build up your kingdom.

Do you have what it takes to conquer the world of Achron?

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