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Molehill Empire

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Genre: Role-Playing Games
Interface: Browser
Graphics: 3D
Plugin: Java
In Beta: No
Cost: Free
This Week Rank: 277
This Week Votes: 68
Last Week Rank: 204
Last Week Votes: 85

The world of Molehill Empire revolves around just one thing: The microcosm garden. Given the task of an industrious garden gnome, you can grow plants to your own heart's content and thanks to the beautifully rendered 3D graphics, you may even watch your flowers grow.

Lettuce, carrots, strawberries, spinach or onions, you decide which plants you want to grow, based solely on your own likings, your level, the size of your purse and of course, market demands. For even the life of garden gnome is not for free. No problems here though, in order to sell your own produce on the market or purchase some new seeds, all you need to do is grab your bike and stop by in the friendly little town Green Valley, or take the bus (Wednesdays and Saturdays only) to the neighboring city of Hedgerow Ville.

Together, these two towns offer everything a garden-enthusiast's heart could desire, be it a farmer's market, a florist, a tree nursery or a research center. To get first dibs on the latest trend in garden decoration and to give the own garden a personal note, it's always a good idea to visit the hardware store. Ponds, parasols, stone paths, garden gnomes or Zen gardens are all on stock and will help turn every player's garden into a work of art. Apart from the fact that decoration is en vogue these days, a pretty garden also attracts curious customers and of course, these are happiest when they are able to spend their money on fresh grocery. So best not let them wait for too long, but read their shopping lists and make a good sale!

Molehill Empire, a colorful economy simulation with a twist and a huge cuteness factor that will bring the summer feeling straight into your living room.

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