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Lord of the Evil

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Genre: Strategy Games
Interface: Browser
Graphics: Text
Plugin: Other
In Beta: Yes
Cost: Free
This Week Rank: 500
This Week Votes: 38
Last Week Rank: 233
Last Week Votes: 82

Lord of the Evil is a game together with Magic and warlike. This strategy browser game is featuring in a guild system&battle system where players may found or join a guild. Different guilds may vie with each other for resources of mineral products - the winner will obtain abundant treasures. The Alpha test is beginning.
The concrete features is as follows:

1. Guild System (Players may found or join in a guild, and the guild may be upgraded. Then all the guild members� materials and resources will increase additionally as a consequence. Thus the stronger will gain even more power.)
2. Battle System: Different guilds may vie with each other for resources of mineral products. And the winner will obtain abundant treasures.
3. Game client forms in flash without the need of downloading, thus enabling you to enjoy the fun brought by fierce wars freely and simply.

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Lord of the Evil News
[25.Nov.2008] Lords of Evil - New Server Goes Live
[08.Oct.2008] Lords of Evil Enters Open Beta Test
[06.Aug.2008] Lord of the Evil Public Test Forenotice
[08.Jul.2008] Alpha Tester for Lord of the Evil Wanted
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