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Genre: Role-Playing Games
Interface: Browser
Graphics: Text
Plugin: Other
In Beta: Yes
Cost: Free
This Week Rank: 18
This Week Votes: 72
Last Week Rank: 351
Last Week Votes: 68

Perenthia is a multiplayer fantasy text based adventure game or persistent browser based game created with Microsoft Silverlight where players can immerse themselves in a world filled with adventure, magic and danger. Players can interact with other players by forming player run groups called households, real time chat, private messaging and built in forums. Solo players can adventure into randomly generated dungeons to find fame and glory.

This game is one of a kind, literally! There are no other multiplayer pbbg's using the silverlight plugin.
We are currently in the alpha stage.

Here are some player reviews:

Laurence - Well i personally think perenthia has great potential go very far.. The community is great, everyone is really friendly and helpful. The owner "Cam (Calbert)" listens to what everyone has to say whether its good or bad.. If someone makes a suggestion it will most probably get implemented.

Malkonis - While in its pre-alpha stage, The online browser Game Perenthia holds much promise for the fans of traditional RPG's. A awesome skill based world awaits future players where your character is only limited by your imagination. Traditional quick play templates are available as is fully customizing your Characters initial skills for play. Enter a realm of deep dungeons,Lost Caverns & Abandoned Ruins where skill & thought are as important as equipment. Choose your friends wisely, delve deep into adventure & discover a world that is unique!

Perenthia also has a fansite! Check out http://www.beyondangarath.com

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Perenthia News
[01.Nov.2009] Perenthia - Networking Improvements
[18.Apr.2009] Perenthia - User Created Content
[18.Apr.2009] Perenthia - Twitter and Character Spotlight
[07.Mar.2009] Perenthia - Alpha Release V1.0.7
[05.Mar.2009] Perenthia - Interview with Cameron Albert - Owner Of Perenthia
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